Often, the best way to learn is to hear the stories, lessons learned, and tips & tricks of those who have been there before you.  This class is about hearing these entrepreneurial accounts first-hand.

The course brings in a broad range of entrepreneurs (both successful and not successful) who founded and still operate their businesses.  We examine some of the toughest issues entrepreneurs can expect in start-ups.



  • Bootstrapping (when you cannot afford a team)

  • Picking a partner

  • Early stage legal challenges

  • Intellectual property challenges

  • Team challenges (firing a friend)

  • Dirty, or questionable capital

  • Generating that first sale of an unproven product

  •  Rejection

  • Managing during crisis (personally and professionally)

  •  Hustle

  • Dealing with failure

  • Communication nightmares

  •  Mental health

  • and more…