This course is about starting new things.  Students who enter boldly with energy and an open mind will learn how to recognize opportunities, navigate uncertainty, push themselves, and engage with the outside world to make ideas happen and actually start things.  The learning in this course is not done to you; the learning is something you must actively choose to do. Those who excel in this course will have done so because they made the choice to prioritize it.

Note: If you’re a passive learner, prefer to be lectured at, or have no desire to bring your ideas into the world, this course is not for you.



While I can’t promise the exact step-by-step process to make any idea successful, we’ll uncover the ingredients, learn from those who have brought ideas to fruition (big and small), and model their habits, mindset, and processes.

Students will learn how to:

  • Look for problems/ideas

  • Screen for ‘good’ ideas

  • Actually start things

  • Interact with real customers to get honest feedback

  • Create a clear value proposition

  • Get buy-in

  • Prioritize what to do next (this is not a 90-page business plan)

  • Pitch an idea