In most companies, there are two things that matter most: building and selling.  ‘Builders’ are people with the technical and business skills needed to develop products, establish operations, and raise capital.  ‘Sellers’ are the other half of the growth equation—these are the people with the networking, negotiation, and communication skills that form the core of a company’s selling and go-to-market skillset.  Without sellers, products and services being built can sit idle without the predictable revenue necessary for growth and survival.

While a range of other resources and courses focus on ‘building’, this course deals with developing ‘selling’ skills and strategies.  This course was built in consultation with the most well-known high growth companies in existence today. These cutting-edge tactics employed by companies like Salesforce, Shopify, Facebook, Google, and Linkedin are touted as the driving force behind companies’ financial success–and multi-billion dollar valuations.

Complex sales are both an art and a science, and both can be taught.   This course is a compilation of the best in class concepts, strategies, processes, technologies and best practices to grow sales at any organization.



Upon completion of the course, students will be armed with the knowledge, skills and strategies to be successful in a modern sales environment:  Specific learning outcomes for this course include:

  • Know how to add value in a start-up or scale-up in a Business Development, Sales Development, Account Executive, Customer Success/Account Management, or other sales role

  • Get your first customers at an early-stage startup

  • Accelerate customer growth to break through growth plateaus

  • Understand how to create a sales strategy, hire the right talent, and analyze/evaluate sales performance

  • How to apply sales strategies and tactics in non-sales roles such as job hunting and personal brand development